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Hi, I am Christoffer Hagenmalm…

…a cognitive neuroscience student and a former psychology student, deeply fascinated with human nature. At, I write about the science behind the behaviors and emotions that make humans the most complex primate species.

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How My Writing Benefits Your Thinking

Here’s the deal: I want to understand human nature. And the fundamental question I examine through my writing is: “why do humans behave the way they do?” 


Solving that puzzle is a herculean task…

…and I don’t have all the answers.


What I do have is an insatiable curiosity for science. And with that, an endless stream of questions to investigate.

That is:

I always want to learn more and find new, exciting ways to explain the boundless nuances of human behaviors…

…so that I can share my findings with you.

On The Shoulders of Giants

A classic science metaphor is that you create your work “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

In other words:

You build on the knowledge and discoveries made by other thinkers.

Most of what you will find here are not my ideas; my writing is the accumulation of the hours I’ve spent reading the work of the giants in the behavioral sciences.

My job is solely to share my discoveries.

I don’t expect to arrive at a definitive answer:

The ambition is to continuously learn through a critical approach to new information and my current knowledge.

My thinking is not the only angle to elucidate the fundamental question of what makes us who we are…

…but it is how I think about it…

…and it excites me ferociously to share my thoughts with you.

Hopefully, it will stir some excitement in you, too.

You can begin by reading my articles.

What You Will Find on this Blog:

  • Guides on how to understand human behaviors and emotions.
  • Book summaries of the best books on neuroscience and psychology, and more.
  • Reading recommendations from my personal library.
  • A glossary explaining terms and definitions.
  • A newsletter that summarizes the best, recent writing.

My Writing Aspires to Tackle Topics Like…

  • How do emotions influence our behaviors?
  • How do culture, childhood, and evolution affect behaviors?
  • Is human behavior genetic or learned?
  • How does stress influence judgment and decision-making? 
  • Can neuroscience explain free will?

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